14 Worst Parts About Being A New Runner

It doesn't matter if you're the most athletic person in the world or if you don't have an athletic bone in your body, becoming a runner sucks. As former President of the I f*cking hate running club, I can assure you that falling in love with running, though difficult, isn't impossible. Let's all bond over the 14 worst parts about being a new runner --

1. Sucking wind.

Sucking wind

Sucking wind sucks. It hurts, it burns and nothing is worse than feeling like you're going to pass out.

2. Sore muscles.

goodbye muscles

That's right, all sore muscles all the time.

3. Trying to wrap your head around the fact that 3 miles is further than you'd drive for cookie dough.

too far

3 miles feels really, really, really far right? That's because it is, it's really far.

4. Finding clothes that look good, feel good and keep you warm enough/cool enough.

light jacket

Too many layers and you're screwed. Not enough layers and you're screwed. HOW DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT TO WEAR?!?! Don't worry, you'll figure out what works for you. A good rule of thumb is to add 10 degrees to whatever temperature it is and always overdress. Better to wrap a layer around your waist than freeze.

5. Blisters.



6. Boredom.


I don't care how long you've been running, it can get really boring.

7. Talking to yourself like a crazy person.


Get used to it, you're now a crazy person.

8. Being really, really, really slow.

Kelly Roberts

Being slow is expected and you will get faster with time. Be patient.

9. Curating the perfect running playlist.


And then figuring out how not to get sick of it...

10. Random aches and pains.


Hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, butt pain...your entire body will just start hurting all the time.

11. Feeling self conscious.

dont look at me

From neighbors to strangers, you oddly get really self conscious about letting anyone see your run.

12. Side cramps.


They never go away...

13. Stressing about acknowledging other runners.

wave ignored

"Do I wave? Or do they wave? Do I smile? I'll wave, oh sh*t they didn't wave back. That was weird..."

14. Running itself.

running itself

Because running sucks when you're just getting started. But stick with it because it really does get better.

What was your least favorite part about being a new runner? Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.


Kelly Roberts

It all started when a silly joke made headlines back in 2014 when I took selfies with hot guys “hottie hunting” my way through the New York City Half Marathon. But ironically enough, I haven't always been a runner. As the self-proclaimed former President of the "I f*cking hate running club", I spent most of my life finding ways to avoid physical activity. Growing up, I missed over 70 days of PE my senior year. Working out was something I thought I had to suffer through in order to lose weight. 

Then, in 2009, my younger brother passed away unexpectedly and struggling to manage my grief, I gained more than 75 pounds. With the weight gain came a new fight to regain my sense of self and learn to love the body I saw when I looked in the mirror. Then one Thanksgiving morning, drowning in grief and self doubt, I decided to go for a run. I didn't make it half way down my street before I had to stop to walk but for some reason, struggling forward made more sense than getting back into bed. It turns out that running is a lot like grief, neither ever really get easier, you just get stronger. 

Over time, I realized that while some people are in fact born runners, others are made. I created this blog Run, Selfie, Repeat and my new podcast by the same name with the hopes to inspire others to say yes to themselves while making them laugh hysterically because laughing, in my opinion, is the solution to everything. 

Named by Women's Running as one of twenty women who are changing the sport of running and by Competitor Magazine as one of 12 Influential and inspiring runners under 30, my mission is to inspire others to get embrace a healthy lifestyle and pursue the strongest version of themselves possible.