"I think I have become drunk"

oof you guys. Woah. Let me tell you the tale of #hurricanekelly takes Palm Springs-a tale involving lost iPhones, sprained ankles, Marty the turtle, a pool of liquor, gay bars, dancing queens and bare feet. 

A before and after

A before and after

It all went down right after I exited the jacuzzi and polished off that bottle of red. I was sitting in the jacuzzi when two of my gal pals came out to collect me. 

Me: "oh hey party people. When are we leaving?" 

party people: "in 15 minutes." 

me: "I should put clothes on." 

so I did. My favorite part about Palm Springs? Jean shorts, wedges and a Lacey top = going out apparel. I'm all about it. So off we went to paint the town red. We started out at "the village pub" with $10 pitchers of Stella. You heard that correctly. $10. In manhattan drinks cost about a billion dollars. So I was stoked. For some reason I was a magnet for my lushy friends to spill on. I think I ended up wearing an entire pitcher of Stella by the end of the night. 

But hey Im easy going. I didn't care I just danced it off. Then we decided to ace that place for a gay bar. The bouncers sent us a few streets over to "hunter" and that is where it all went down. I was having a ball dancing a fool with the scantily clad gentelmen go go dancers when I felt my back pocket and noticed my phone was missing.  

dancing queen oblivious her phone is missing

dancing queen oblivious her phone is missing

I went into a drunken panic hyper focus, grabbed my friend and we went into find my iphone action. Unable to read a map I went running out of the bar towards what I thought was the right location. My poor friend was trying to run after me to make a game plan. (Gold star to my gal pal Bar for being a real rockstar friend) I at some point even took my wedges off to run faster. I was that girl. I know I'm laughing at me too. 

So as it turns out find my iphone lead us back to where we were when I noticed my phone was missing. It fell out of my pocket when I was dancing. Count on the gay gentlemen of Palm Springs to save me from myself and turn it in.  

But before I got it back I got into a huge fight with probably the most disrespectful bouncer in the world. Luckily I was wearing my big girl pants and taught him a thing or two about manners. But I got my phone back and I decided I probably needed to disembark the party train. So half of us headed back to the house and the other half stayed out.  

Back at the house I put my bathing suit on and got back in the jacuzzi. An hour later the water was gone and I was sitting on the bottom of the jacuzzi when I figured it probably was a good idea to go to bed. I ended up dragging my giant blow up bed into the middle of the living room and making a fort. Then I woke up this morning at 6 am, drank a water bottle, ate a breakfast burrito and got back in the pool. 

And now I just inhaled an in n out burger and we are headed back to Orange County. I have one more day in SoCal and tomorrow it's going to be warm and beautiful. In case you didn't guess I didn't make it out to run today. But I did do a bunch of egg beaters in the pool! So a small effort to get some strength training in. Oh well, until tomorrow! #runselfierepeat  




Kelly Roberts

It all started when a silly joke made headlines back in 2014 when I took selfies with hot guys “hottie hunting” my way through the New York City Half Marathon. But ironically enough, I haven't always been a runner. As the self-proclaimed former President of the "I f*cking hate running club", I spent most of my life finding ways to avoid physical activity. Growing up, I missed over 70 days of PE my senior year. Working out was something I thought I had to suffer through in order to lose weight. 

Then, in 2009, my younger brother passed away unexpectedly and struggling to manage my grief, I gained more than 75 pounds. With the weight gain came a new fight to regain my sense of self and learn to love the body I saw when I looked in the mirror. Then one Thanksgiving morning, drowning in grief and self doubt, I decided to go for a run. I didn't make it half way down my street before I had to stop to walk but for some reason, struggling forward made more sense than getting back into bed. It turns out that running is a lot like grief, neither ever really get easier, you just get stronger. 

Over time, I realized that while some people are in fact born runners, others are made. I created this blog Run, Selfie, Repeat and my new podcast by the same name with the hopes to inspire others to say yes to themselves while making them laugh hysterically because laughing, in my opinion, is the solution to everything. 

Named by Women's Running as one of twenty women who are changing the sport of running and by Competitor Magazine as one of 12 Influential and inspiring runners under 30, my mission is to inspire others to get embrace a healthy lifestyle and pursue the strongest version of themselves possible.