"I think I have become drunk"

oof you guys. Woah. Let me tell you the tale of #hurricanekelly takes Palm Springs-a tale involving lost iPhones, sprained ankles, Marty the turtle, a pool of liquor, gay bars, dancing queens and bare feet. 

A before and after

A before and after

It all went down right after I exited the jacuzzi and polished off that bottle of red. I was sitting in the jacuzzi when two of my gal pals came out to collect me. 

Me: "oh hey party people. When are we leaving?" 

party people: "in 15 minutes." 

me: "I should put clothes on." 

so I did. My favorite part about Palm Springs? Jean shorts, wedges and a Lacey top = going out apparel. I'm all about it. So off we went to paint the town red. We started out at "the village pub" with $10 pitchers of Stella. You heard that correctly. $10. In manhattan drinks cost about a billion dollars. So I was stoked. For some reason I was a magnet for my lushy friends to spill on. I think I ended up wearing an entire pitcher of Stella by the end of the night. 

But hey Im easy going. I didn't care I just danced it off. Then we decided to ace that place for a gay bar. The bouncers sent us a few streets over to "hunter" and that is where it all went down. I was having a ball dancing a fool with the scantily clad gentelmen go go dancers when I felt my back pocket and noticed my phone was missing.  

dancing queen oblivious her phone is missing

dancing queen oblivious her phone is missing

I went into a drunken panic hyper focus, grabbed my friend and we went into find my iphone action. Unable to read a map I went running out of the bar towards what I thought was the right location. My poor friend was trying to run after me to make a game plan. (Gold star to my gal pal Bar for being a real rockstar friend) I at some point even took my wedges off to run faster. I was that girl. I know I'm laughing at me too. 

So as it turns out find my iphone lead us back to where we were when I noticed my phone was missing. It fell out of my pocket when I was dancing. Count on the gay gentlemen of Palm Springs to save me from myself and turn it in.  

But before I got it back I got into a huge fight with probably the most disrespectful bouncer in the world. Luckily I was wearing my big girl pants and taught him a thing or two about manners. But I got my phone back and I decided I probably needed to disembark the party train. So half of us headed back to the house and the other half stayed out.  

Back at the house I put my bathing suit on and got back in the jacuzzi. An hour later the water was gone and I was sitting on the bottom of the jacuzzi when I figured it probably was a good idea to go to bed. I ended up dragging my giant blow up bed into the middle of the living room and making a fort. Then I woke up this morning at 6 am, drank a water bottle, ate a breakfast burrito and got back in the pool. 

And now I just inhaled an in n out burger and we are headed back to Orange County. I have one more day in SoCal and tomorrow it's going to be warm and beautiful. In case you didn't guess I didn't make it out to run today. But I did do a bunch of egg beaters in the pool! So a small effort to get some strength training in. Oh well, until tomorrow! #runselfierepeat  




Kelly Roberts

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