Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

On a scale of 1 to 100 I’m at a 99 on the “I can’t believe you said that I am filled with rage and I want you to take it back right now” scale. What happened? What happened you ask? Well one of my gal pals has encountered a speed bump in her relationship that may or may not involve cheating.

Yesterday, I was enjoying a lovely meal with my other after work before we met up with our group at a bar for Disney Trivia (which was ridiculously hard and we had our asses handed to us. Some Disney fans we are) when my she told me “everyone cheats but you don’t give up when it happens.”

WHAT. Hold the phone. Here’s the evolution of my reaction.

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My blood it is a boiling. In what world is it an accepted fact that someone will cheat on you and you will inevitably accept the fact because everyone does it? Does it happen, SURE? Do people find ways to move forward together, absolutely! But in no way, shape or form is “giving up” or “calling it quits” not an option because it most certainly is. Sometimes I think despite the fact that parting ways is the harder option it can be the healthier option. It’s never ok to be betrayed by someone who is committed to you. Obviously every scenario is different, complicated and far from black and white, but come one! DON’T GIVE AWAY YOUR POWER. Working it out is a very healthy option but is it worth being ride or die with someone who betrayed your trust? Ugh! It happens to everyone, really? REALLY?! No, no it doesn’t and no it most definitely shouldn’t.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! More and more I hear girls say these things!?!?! No more of this! Do you ever read the nonsense that “Princeton Mom” preaches? I think it all has to be a sham because you know her circle of friends are talented, accomplished, educated and successful business women (everything she advises young women against becoming). You know her blood type is hypocrisy. But women like that are tainting minds with bogus expectations all in the hopes that one day (incredibly soon because you aren’t a spring chicken and men won’t look at you after your 25) someone will want to live “happily ever after” with you. What fun is “happily ever after?” That’s an ending! Want to know what else in an ending? Death is an ending! It’s in the “once upon a time” that all the magic lies. And creating a foundation for your life based on a career or a passion and individual strength is probably something that will enhance any partnership but HEY, what do I know? I am just a single 24 year old woman who has allegedly missed her window at marital bliss! But that’s cool; I’ll be out here in New York blissfully living a life I have created for myself.

Every day is a new opportunity. You can have a fresh start whenever you want it. All it takes is faith, trust and (no not pixie dust) a hunger or need for change.  Happiness is a choice and it’s not everlasting. You have to work at it. But everyone deserves it and everyone is capable of acquiring it. THAT is something to expect, not defeat. Don’t let defeat define you but let it empower you. Life’s real hard and unfortunately we don’t have much control. The things we do have control are our choices and the people we surround ourselves with. Nothing easy is as worthwhile as something incredibly hard. So do something with that. Fight for you.

I know this had nothing to do with running, but lord have mercy I had to get it off my chest. Do something incredible. Life’s too short not to try, fail and get dirty.

Until tomorrow my incredible friends, (where we are talking the inner game racing and race day tactics) #RunSelfieRepeat

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Kelly Roberts

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Then, in 2009, my younger brother passed away unexpectedly and struggling to manage my grief, I gained more than 75 pounds. With the weight gain came a new fight to regain my sense of self and learn to love the body I saw when I looked in the mirror. Then one Thanksgiving morning, drowning in grief and self doubt, I decided to go for a run. I didn't make it half way down my street before I had to stop to walk but for some reason, struggling forward made more sense than getting back into bed. It turns out that running is a lot like grief, neither ever really get easier, you just get stronger. 

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