Tension Headaches And How To Live With Them

Do you suffer from tension headaches? I am prone to migraines so when my brain exploded last night, I assumed it was a migraine. I wobbled out to the living room and asked the world's best roommate Doctor Molly if I was dying. She poked my face, asked me where it hurt and to describe what I was experiencing, and diagnosed a tension headache. So I wobbled back to bed and knocked myself out.

This morning I woke up to the very depressing realization that the headache was still throbbing. It felt like someone was squeezing my head so hard that my teeth and eye balls were going to rocket launch out of my face from to the pressure. I made the game day decision to get out of bed and go to my scheduled pre-work Physical Therapy Appointment which turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

From this moment forward, my Physical Therapist isn't just Mike but magic Magic Mike. I had no idea that my tension headache could be helped by relieving muscle tension. He worked on my neck and took my pain from an 8 to a 5.  He pushed on points and had me move my arms all sorts of ways. Then when I sat up, I didn't feel like I was going to pass out!

Here are three things you need if you suffer from tension headaches. These are serious game changers:

1. The Trigger Point Massage Ball

I use my trigger points ball for my hip flexors and never thought to explore it's billion other uses. BUT Magic Mike had me lay on a mat and place a Trigger Point Massage Ball under my shoulders. Then he had me move my arm from laying at my side, slowly 180 degrees to laying straight above my head as if I were asking a question. As I moved the ball across my shoulders, from left to right, my pain subsided from a 5 to a 4.

2. The TheraCane

Everyone needs this thing. For one small payment of $30, this incredible device will change your life. (Just look how happy that girl's face is? Doesn't she look ecstatic about her TheraCane?)  I can't even begin to describe the relief this weird contraption gave me. Similar to the massage ball, the TheraCane worked my neck and helped relieve tension and pain. I'm in love with it and I already ordered it on amazon.

3. Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patches

Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch

I discovered these while standing in the checkout line at Whole Foods a few months ago and they are not only the cheapest thing in the store but probably the best product out there. They unfortunately smell but they smell less pungent than any other pain relieving cream I've tried. They come in a sticky patch so you can throw them on to your calves, quads, neck, shoulders, or arms and forget about them. They are a huge relief to sore and strained muscles. I'm wearing them all across my shoulders as we speak.

My only other instructions were to focus on my posture today and work my neck tension when I get home. Magic Mike ladies and gentleman, helping my knees and relieving my headaches. What a man. Until next time #RunSelfieRepeat.

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Kelly Roberts

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