The Best Season to Run

There is never a "perfect" time to run or start running. Are there better times? Sure! More ideal seasons? Of course! New Years is of course the most popular time to get active but the weather blows. Then February comes around and you find yourself devouring Valentine's chocolate and have long forgotton that, "New Year New You" bull sh*t you spent weeks harping on. Summer is also another great time to get active because the days are longer and there's more time. And Fall of course has perfect weather. But my personal favorite season for running is Spring and here's why:

1. Winter Is Over.

The Best Season To Run

Nothing makes a runner more happy than being freed from the confines of a treadmill. No more snow, no more dodging patches of ice and no more runny noses. There is nothing better than not having to worry about falling on your face and Spring makes that a reality!

2. Let The Sunshine.

The Best Season to Run

Gone are the days of going to work in the dark because Spring means you finally get to run in the early A.M. without fearing for you life. I can't run where I live in the dark by myself. It's got DANGER written all over it so I just don't do it. But come Spring, the suns high enough at 6AM for me to get a quick 45 minutes- hour run in before I have to go to work. That helps free my post work schedule so I can make time for friends and commitments. It's a win/win!

3. It's Not To Hot and It's Not To Cold.

The Best Season to Run

All you need is a light jacket! Or not! Spring means you finally get to expose your pale body to some much needed Vitamin D and sunshine. It's warm enough that you can wear shorts and a short sleeve and cold enough that you aren't sweating your face off. With that blissful Spring weather comes less layers and less laundry and that is something to celebrate.

4. Love Is In The Air.

The Best Season to Run

Have you always wanted to get your significant other running? Well now is the PERFECT time to sign up for a half marathon and start training together. What's more fun than a training run and post burger and beers? It makes those early morning long runs that much easier when your partner in crime isn't complaining that you woke them up.

5. You Have Nothing But Time.

The Best Season to Run

If you're a brand new runner, Spring is a great time to build your base before committing to training for either a late Summer, Fall or Winter race. Registering to run your first race is terrifying so if you know you can run 3 miles, it makes the first step that much easier. But a base isn't necessary! Everyone has to start somewhere so even if you are just coming out of your Winter hibernation, it's the perfect time to get moving.

6. The People!

The Best Season to Run

After spending months running on empty roads, it's a sight for sore eyes to see lots of other runners out running! Running can be a lonely sport but you feel closest to the running community when you're surrounded by them. Spring is the perfect time to join a new running group or meet new running friends. Shake it up! Meet new people! Join a charity group.

7. Color!

The Best Season to Run

From landscapes to running clothes there is color everywhere! Nothing will rejuvenate your spirit like seeing color instead of a gray dreary backdrop! It's a breath of fresh air for your eyeballs and a perfect excuse to go SHOPPING! (That is, if you enjoy shopping for running clothes like I do...)

8. The New Runners!

The Best Season to Run

My favorite part about Spring is seeing all the new runners. I can spot them a mile away and it makes me so happy to see them push forward. New runners are my people because I still consider myself a new runner! It's those of us mid or back of the pack runners who run for fun that I love most because for me, at the end of the day that's what it's all about. Running is about pushing your limits, trying new things and reminding yourself that those doubts, worries, and fears are so much smaller than they seem and will only make you stronger.

What's your favorite part about Spring running? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me at @KellyKKRoberts. Until tomorrow, #RunSelfierepeat.

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