The Best Signs Of The 2015 TCS NYC Marathon

NEW YORK you got your funny on at this year's TCS NYC Marathon. WHO DOESN'T LOVE A FUNNY RACE DAY SIGN? I sure do! I love them so much, I hug the edges so I can read them all and give out imaginary awards to the funniest signs. Let's play my favorite game, THE BEST SIGNS OF THE 2015 TCS NYC MARATHON.

1. The happiest moment of the race.

2. John...

3. Mom jokes.


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4. So true though...

Yesterday was fun! Let's do it all again in 364! #tcsnycmarathon 🎉

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5. Beyonce never ran a marathon.

6. Edward your friends are tough.

7. God #Blessed America.

we don't run, we make running signs. #nycmarathon #marathonsigns

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8. That moment you have to talk yourself out of going 27 miles...

This one made a lot of people smile! #Motivation #tcsnycmarathon #marathonSigns #shakeshak

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9. Adorable.

Proud boyfriend 😍 @karlaoros #tcsnycmarathon #nycmarathon #nycmarathon2015

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10. A T-Rex gotta eat too.

11. You're all otter your minds.

You're all otter your minds! #tcsnycmarathon #ridgerunnersnyc #cheersquad #running #fitness #nyc

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12. Pro Spectator.



15. Not only are these signs good but they're good for you.

NYC mararhon 2015💙❤️🇺🇸

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17. It's OK to cry.


紐約馬加油團之無奇不有- One Direction的1:1人形立牌😂 #tcsnycmarathon #nycmarathon

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19. 🙌🏾


She did it! #maidinmanhattan #tcsnycmarathon

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Way to go NYC, you've proved once again that you're the best at funny race day spectator signs. Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.

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