The Bronx 10 Miler

My makeshift eye mask on the train. I am a very cute traveler.

I almost dropped out of the Bronx 10 Miler this past Sunday. I went on an AMAZING road trip with my family down to Baltimore and DC this weekend and Saturday night I hopped on a train around 10:10pm. When I booked my ticket I just assumed I would sleep a few hours on the train. Not so much, I had the pleasure of sitting next to the world's most talkative man. I tried everything but he just would not leave me alone. Then I didn't get back into the city until 2 am and after 10 minutes waiting on a subway platform and then another 20 minutes trying to find a cab (Always wait for the subway) I didn't get into bed until 3 am. I almost cried when my alarm went off at 6am. I sat up, said to myself, "NOPE NOT HAPPENING," and laid down to go back to bed. Luckily this wasn't my first rodeo and I had set 3 alarms all 3 minutes apart. After the third alarm I decided I needed to at least show up.

I begrudgingly put on my running clothes, stopped to grab a bagel and a coffee, and then jogged towards the train. Once I got to the Bronx I almost turned around to go home 5 different times. I was exhausted, I didn't feel good, I wanted to be in bed, and I was really worried about my knee. Just trying to jog to the train was difficult. I was convinced I was going to have to quit around mile 3. I got in my holding coral and before I could convince myself it was a bad idea, we were off.

One mile turned into two miles and somewhere between miles 3 and 4 my knee mellowed out. It was a miracle! I had SO much fun during The Bronx 10 Miler. There so many runners! I will be completely honest with you, I didn't have a care in the world about how I did. I had no goal time and all I really wanted to do was finish. Here is a big lesson I learned on Sunday: sometimes you just have to have fun.

It's so easy to become consumed with the pursuit of a personal best or just going 100% every single race. I've spent the last few months working my butt off for the NYC Marathon. This was a beautiful reminder why I put myself and my body through the madness in the first place. Running makes me incredibly happy. Instead of focusing on my pace, I looked up. I enjoyed seeing the Bronx for the first time. I enjoyed watching people run together. I took my sweet time and I had a BLAST taking selfies and coming up with silly captions. I love getting lost in a run and that is exactly what I did. I didn't worry about how far I had gone or how far I had to go. I didn't worry about running "a smart" race. I stopped worrying about my knee and I just ran. It was a breath of fresh air and I am SO glad I didn't quit. Sometimes you just to have to do it for you. So without further ado, here is The Bronx 10 Miler:

"I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block. Welcome to the #bronx10miler. (My knee is killing me. I may need a foxy man to carry me through this one...)"

"Time isn't the only thing being checked out"

"In the words of Rihanna, shine bright like a diamond"

Bad boys bad boys. What you gonna do.

And there were videos! The way the course was set up we ran one way, did a fun roundabout and turned around. I wasn't even halfway when the front runners came flying by. SO IMPRESSIVE! They are SO fast!

"It's the eye of the tiger"

"Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this- Kelly Clarkson"

"So I threw my hands up -Miley Cyrus"

How CUTE are these running shirts?!?!?!

I finally got to meet up with some of my teammates at Team for Kids! Team for Kids is the New York Road Runner's charity and who I am running the NYC Marathon with! I have a hard time making it to team practices because of work but it's nice to meet up at races.

We are five weeks away from the Marathon (can you believe it?)! I have a bunch of miles to log in the next few weeks and I just can't wait to run. My new approach is to make this last stretch as much fun as humanly possible. For me, the best part about running a marathon is the months of training. It's been really great pushing myself and working really hard but at this point I am going to start focusing on enjoying every second. I just can't believe I will be running the New York City Marathon in 5 weeks. It was only two years ago that I couldn't run more than a mile. I can't believe I am a runner. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because it doesn't feel real. It's a pretty amazing feeling. Until tomorrow friends, #RunSelfieRepeat.


Kelly Roberts

It all started when a silly joke made headlines back in 2014 when I took selfies with hot guys “hottie hunting” my way through the New York City Half Marathon. But ironically enough, I haven't always been a runner. As the self-proclaimed former President of the "I f*cking hate running club", I spent most of my life finding ways to avoid physical activity. Growing up, I missed over 70 days of PE my senior year. Working out was something I thought I had to suffer through in order to lose weight. 

Then, in 2009, my younger brother passed away unexpectedly and struggling to manage my grief, I gained more than 75 pounds. With the weight gain came a new fight to regain my sense of self and learn to love the body I saw when I looked in the mirror. Then one Thanksgiving morning, drowning in grief and self doubt, I decided to go for a run. I didn't make it half way down my street before I had to stop to walk but for some reason, struggling forward made more sense than getting back into bed. It turns out that running is a lot like grief, neither ever really get easier, you just get stronger. 

Over time, I realized that while some people are in fact born runners, others are made. I created this blog Run, Selfie, Repeat and my new podcast by the same name with the hopes to inspire others to say yes to themselves while making them laugh hysterically because laughing, in my opinion, is the solution to everything. 

Named by Women's Running as one of twenty women who are changing the sport of running and by Competitor Magazine as one of 12 Influential and inspiring runners under 30, my mission is to inspire others to get embrace a healthy lifestyle and pursue the strongest version of themselves possible.