The Lost Hotties of the TCS NYC Marathon

When I decide to take selfies and live Instagram an endurance race, I lose pictures. I end up finding a gaggle of handsome gents all around the same area and start posting out of order. There isn't necessarily a formula for #HottieHunting but I try to post at least 10 minutes apart for two reason. 1. For my sanity (I am actually almost always actually trying to run a smart race) and 2. So I don't blow up all of your Instagram feeds and annoy the you know what out of you. (Beyonce once blew up my feed and even though she's Queen Bey I was one hair flip away from un-following her.)

But live Instagram-ing a marathon is pretty gosh darn difficult! And one thing I try not to worry about is having to track down a gentleman every single mile of a half or full marathon. I collect an arsenal early on so I don't have to worry about sprinting after a foxy man at Mile 20 when all I want to do is have said foxy men carry me across the finish line.

Inevitably some of my favorite photos get lost in the mix. Which is a bummer because I'll be ferociously scrolling through my photos trying to find that one picture of me with that handsome man in a white (or was it orange? Neon?) T-shirt. And when I can't find it I end up choosing the first picture I haven't posted yet.  There's a lot going through my brain as it's happening! I'm thinking do I look actually repulsive? Is this one actually funny? Is the photo blurry or is that just the sweat burning my eyes? Is that caption funny or offensive? Are there any spelling errors? 
It's quite the ordeal and if I've been running for more than 2 hours, it gets harder and harder. So I end up selecting a random filter, the captions get less witty, and I just hope for the best.

This time around there were a good handful of photos that I missed so I thought HEY! Let's share em'! So enjoy these long lost (and by long lost I mean photos I couldn't find during the race) selfies from the TCS NYC MARATHON!

Slow and steady wins the race. Ninja style.

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

That shirt should say DASH-ING.

You are the wind beneath my wing.

A Diva is a male version of a...Minotaur?

Double Trouble.

Pardon me Chasse Hottie. Huhuhuh ::twists mustache::

Dat visor though <3

Checking your pulse because your heart skipped a beat?

I left my heart at 68th St.

Those rays aren't from the sun, it's from his aura.

26.2 shades of grey.

Law and Order: Hottie Hunting

Literally dancing across the finish line. I love this man.

I'm in a glass case of emotion. Hold me handsome.

God bless the TCS NYC Marathon and all the handsome gents who partook. Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.


Kelly Roberts

It all started when a silly joke made headlines back in 2014 when I took selfies with hot guys “hottie hunting” my way through the New York City Half Marathon. But ironically enough, I haven't always been a runner. As the self-proclaimed former President of the "I f*cking hate running club", I spent most of my life finding ways to avoid physical activity. Growing up, I missed over 70 days of PE my senior year. Working out was something I thought I had to suffer through in order to lose weight. 

Then, in 2009, my younger brother passed away unexpectedly and struggling to manage my grief, I gained more than 75 pounds. With the weight gain came a new fight to regain my sense of self and learn to love the body I saw when I looked in the mirror. Then one Thanksgiving morning, drowning in grief and self doubt, I decided to go for a run. I didn't make it half way down my street before I had to stop to walk but for some reason, struggling forward made more sense than getting back into bed. It turns out that running is a lot like grief, neither ever really get easier, you just get stronger. 

Over time, I realized that while some people are in fact born runners, others are made. I created this blog Run, Selfie, Repeat and my new podcast by the same name with the hopes to inspire others to say yes to themselves while making them laugh hysterically because laughing, in my opinion, is the solution to everything. 

Named by Women's Running as one of twenty women who are changing the sport of running and by Competitor Magazine as one of 12 Influential and inspiring runners under 30, my mission is to inspire others to get embrace a healthy lifestyle and pursue the strongest version of themselves possible.