The NYC Run, Selfie, Repeat NYC Marathon Shakeout Fun Run!

It started in Chicago. I wanted to find a way to get some face time with the amazing people who make Run, Selfie, Repeat possible. So I got in touch with Westin and they agreed to host what I thought were a dozen or two dozen runners during the first ever #SportsBraSquad shakeout run. Then Oiselle, the amazing brand that advocates for women stepped in and offered to provide INCREDIBLE swag to the runners who RSVP'ed. 

Over 130 people showed up. I walked into the lobby and my jaw hit the floor. That morning is a morning I'll never forget. Actually getting to hang out with the Run, Selfie, Repeat community and listen to your stories was nothing short of life changing. I didn't even need to think twice before throwing out that we were doing it again in New York City before the TCS NYC Marathon.


If you're in New York or anywhere near New York City on Saturday November 5th, come to the shakeout fun run! There will be snacks provided by Vega, recovery tools and NormaTec compression sleeves provided by Finish Line Physical Therapy and 200 of what will soon be your new best friends! Oh and there's a ton of surprises in store so you don't want to miss this!

Invite your Mom, I'm bringing mine!

Bring your sister, I'm bringing mine!

Invite your neighbors or whoever you sit next to on the subway! Bring your best running buddy! Bring someone you meet at the marathon expo! It's all happening and I can't wait to meet you! 

RSVP by CLICKING HERE! I'll see you there!  


Kelly Roberts

My name is Kelly Roberts and I am a 25 year old New York City resident. My story made headlines when I took selfies with hot guys “hottie hunting” my way through the NYC Half Marathon. My blog, is bursting with humor and personal stories that lend an insight into the world of running and lead you to believe that just about anyone, regardless of their fitness level, can and should fall in love with running. Though currently an avid runner, I never would have predicted I would run marathons. I was the kid who used to hide in the bushes or play dead to get out of running the mile in school. I HATED running. But running has given me a purpose. It’s shown me that I really am limitless. In the two years since I started running, I’ve run multiple half marathons, 10ks, and 5ks, and two full marathons. My mission is to inspire others to find the courage to say yes to themselves all the while making them laugh hysterically because laughing is the solution to everything.