Crash Race Training

I’m sensing a pattern…I had a friend facebook message me on Friday saying, “I’m running a half marathon in 4 weeks. I haven't really trained and I’m afraid my legs aren’t going to make it. What should I do?” Then my sister came over to me yesterday at work and said, “I’m nervous I am not going to be ready for the Disneyland Half.” Now both are athletic so they aren’t starting from scratch. They both already have a base of over 3 miles but crash training for a race isn’t exactly the safest way to complete a half marathon. I was trying to explain to my sister that she is going to need to spend the next 3 weeks seriously training when she says, “I am just going to try to run 10 miles this weekend.” “NO! That has injury written all over it!” I screamed at her. There’s not exactly a “smart” way to crash train for a race but there’s definitely some steps you can take to maximize your time.  

The moment of truth, on vacation, in Hawaii.

When I ran my first half marathon I was nowhere near ready to run 13.1 miles. The furthest I had run was 6 miles and the Wednesday before the race, my best friend Irene told me, “Just try to run for 2 hours and see what happens.” I was in Hawaii at the time and set out at sunset to try to run for 2 hours straight. 2 hours later, dripping with sweat, I had done it. Then Friday I got off the plane, took off to Disneyland, picked my bib up and ran 13.1 miles that Sunday in just over 2 hours. I did exactly what my sister and my friend did without intentionally crash training. I was planning on running a half marathon in June but the opportunity presented itself and I couldn’t say no!

About to cross the finish line of my first half marathon. (Note the cotton leggings and size and a half small shoes)

So what do you do if your half marathon is 4 weeks away? How do you successfully train without sustaining an injury? You’ve come to the wrong place, I have no clue. I would recommend some sort of voodoo magic and just help as many elderly humans across the street as you can. Save cats from trees. Give dollar bills to homeless people. RACK UP THAT GOOD KARMA BECAUSE YOU ARE GOIN TO NEED IT!

Just kidding, in all seriousness it takes about 12 weeks to seriously train for a half marathon. 13.1 miles is absolutely no joke but in my personal opinion if you can run 6 miles you can run 13.1.  It’s a head game and sure you may not feel too great post-race but you’ll have a shiny medal around your neck for moral support. Is it possible to crash train for a marathon? I think so. (I don’t recommend it…)  Here’s some tips:

1. DO NOT go for a longer run than you can handle

Deciding to try for 10 miles fresh out of the gate is a terrible idea. Instead take the farthest distance you have run in the past two weeks and increase it by 10% (or about 1 mile). For example, I told my sister to start her long run this weekend at 7 miles. And continue to add 1 mile for the next 3 weeks. She will top out at 9 miles but that is enough to get her mind ready for 13.1. (She’s also done a half before so she knows what to expect.)

2. Incorporate Speed Training

Once a week, dedicate your runs to speed training. (CLICK HERE for Speed Training 101) Speed training increases your endurance and anaerobic threshold and is the best way to get the most bang for your buck if you are crash training.


The second something hurts, ease off. There’s no use in injuring yourself before the race. Really listen to your body. If you feel overwhelmingly exhausted, take a rest day. Yes time is of the essence but injuries happen when form suffers.

4. Run 2/Walk 2 & Forget Your Pace

A great method of getting through a long run is to run 2 miles and walk 2 minutes. (You can also run 1 mile walk 2 minutes). This is also a fantastic technique on race day if you are 8 miles in and exhausted. Take a 2 minute recovery walk and jog the next 2 miles. Then repeat until you finish. Otherwise during those long or easy runs, don’t worry about your pace. Forget about running quickly or slowly, just run an easy pace that you could have a conversation at. If you are huffing and puffing, you are going too fast.

5. Have Fun!

Crash training can be slightly overwhelming. Just remember to have fun. As you struggle through those training runs keep a smile on your face. Remember your form (keep your shoulders and hands relaxed, chest up and forward, and breath.) Running is fun so don’t let the fact that a race is creeping up on you overwhelm you. Use your time wisely but also know what’s going to happen will happen. If at the end of the day you aren’t ready, train for the next one.

And for those of you smart and responsible runners who are on the fence about running a half, DO IT! It takes about 12 weeks once you can consistently run 3 miles. The safest way to run a half marathon is to take your time. I do not suggest crash training for a half marathon, ESPECIALLY if this is your first. You want to slowly build your mileage and endurance week by week because-

1. It’s easier to quit if you get discouraged

2. You increase the risk of injury by going too fast.

The picture that started it all.

Most programs require about 4 days a week with your long run being held on Saturday or Sunday. It’s 12 weeks of your life! You can do it! And remember if you are really struggling, take selfies with hot guys!!! I ran the NYC Half with almost no training. I had spent the winter working out but the furthest I had run was 6 miles at Christmas, three months prior to the race. I was headed towards a break up and my man friend at the time told me he couldn’t hang out because he was going to see his friend (A GIRL FRIEND) run the NYC Half. So I thought, “Screw that! I’m going to run it!” So I ran the most incredible race I have ever run and I went viral for hottie hunting. ULTIMATE REVENGE!

Alright friends, that’s all I have for you today. Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.

The Girl With The Green Dragon Shoes

Buying new running shoes is the bane of my existence. When I first started running I ran in shoes that were 1.5 sizes to small. Then I went through 3 different pairs of shoes that were either too small, wrong for my feet, or painful all because I had no clue what I was doing. Whenever I go shoe shopping I get all sorts of anxious and I flip out asking myself, “Do I like them?” “Will they make my long runs happier?” “Will I wear them happily every day?” “Will they last?” “What can I wear them with?” “Maybe I don’t want them.” “Do I love them?” “Do I want to spend the rest of my life with them?” It's a big commitment! These are shoes And I may or may not have commitment and or separation issues when it comes to buying shoes that I will inevitably spend more time than family, friends, and significant others combined. Running shoes are expensive! And running in the wrong ones can lead to injury!

If you don’t know what you are doing, I got your back. I know there are a billion articles that review the latest and greatest shoes and list all these rules. I’ve read them all and I'm still sitting here like, "What does this mean!?!? SEND ME A SIGN!" I mean there are shoes for pro-nators and not pro-nators (supinate they call them-wtf is that, it sounds like an anti-depressant) and for high arches or flat feet. WHY IS THIS SO HARD!? Learn from my mistakes.Here’s everything you need to know about buying running shoes.

1. Go To A Specialty Running Store to Get Fitted Because Size Matters

This is the most important rule. I wear a size 10 women’s shoe but in running shoes I run from 11 D to 11.5 D or a men’s 10. RIGHT! MY FEET ARE HUGE! It depends on the brand because they all fit differently. So it’s important to go to a store, get measured, and do a running test. Something stores like Road Runner Sports and others like it do is they have you run on a treadmill, find out if you’re a pronator or a not pronator (Pronator: Your foot rolls to the inside Supinator: Your foot rolls to the outside.) and they measure your arch.

Rule of thumb: Flat feet=stable shoe, High Arches=curved shoe.


Don’t Panic. The specialty running store humans allegedly are there to help you. You want shoes that your feet can wiggle in. There should be a thumb width between your largest toe and the end of the shoe.

I had this problem when I bought my latest shoe-I have feet that are a good ½ size different. Do you buy for the larger foot or the smaller? I bought for the larger and this was a mistake. I had to swap them out for the smaller when I realized I was running in clown shoes.

2. Shop For Shoes After 4:00pm Wearing Your Running Gear (as if you were going to go for a run).

As the day goes on, your feet swell. You may end up with shoes that are too small if you shop at the beginning of the day. And as you try shoes, you are going to be placed on a treadmill so you can really test different shoes out. Run in them for 5 minutes; don’t just run down the hall. Really try them out!

3. Write the Date You Buy Your Shoes In

Technically you are only supposed to wear shoes for 6 months or for 500 miles (whichever comes first) so writing the date you buy your shoes helps you remember when the time comes to replace them.  (I’m poor and replace shoes when I need too. My last pair had over 1000 miles on them and I blew through the backs. OOPS.)   

My favorite shoes ever.

My favorite shoes ever.


No one will tell you this but look, there is almost a 100% chance you will be able to find them cheaper online. When you narrow your selection down and find the shoe you want, write it down. Get the brand, style, size, width, and color and leave the store. YOU MAY COME BACK! But go online, check ebay, amazon, zappos, check everywhere. If you can’t find them online for cheaper, go back to the store and ask if they have loyalty programs-they normally cost $20 but it will pay for itself in shoes, energy gels, foam rollers, and gear alone.

So now that you know how to buy shoes, let’s talk about my latest shoe drama. It took me an ENTIRE MONTH to get these shoes and they are just about the ugliest things that have ever happened to me. They tell you not to buy shoes based on looks but these are HIDEOUS. I feel like I am running in Dragon shoes. I bought the original pair about a month ago after the Pride Run. I went into Jack Rabbit-

Mistake 1: At 11:00am.

Mistake 2: In a strapless romper and strapless bra.

Mistake 3: Asking for something specific.

First of all, the sale’s associate was ridiculously dreamy and he must have been distracted by my jokes because he let me walk out of the store with a men’s size 10.5 running shoe. I had my old running shoes with me and Jack Rabbit didn’t have any 11.5 D women’s running shoes. He casually suggested that I try a size 10 men’s running shoe, “Since my feet were so big and wide.” Hold on while I fling myself off this building! Oh haha dreamy sales associate, yes I am aware my feet are too large for my 5’7” body. But you know what they say about big feet…big egos. So joke’s on you. I tried the men’s size 10 in the latest edition of my old shoe and was worried they were too small so we tried the 10.5. I couldn’t get on a treadmill because I was in a strapless bra and strapless romper so I took a quick walk in them-

Mistake 4: Not trying them running on a treadmill

After my quick walk I decided they felt great and bought them.

Mistake 5: Not searching online for a cheaper pair.

So I went about my day and got up to go for my long run the following day. I put my new shoes on and realized they were too large. Angry, I got online and found them online at Road Runners Sports for $25 cheaper (More like $15 when shipping got involved) and they arrived 3 days later. I placed them on my feet and thought, “What the hell! The left foot (my bigger foot) is WAY too small! The 10.5 is too big and the 10 is too small!” I took them off and found they had sent me a size 9.5 left foot and a 10 right foot! This would have been awesome if it was a size 10.5 left and 10 right. Everyone would win but no such luck! So I sent them back for an exchange and TWO WEEKS LATER got an email saying they didn’t have a size 10 in stock!



Angrily, I went online and found them at Sport’s Authority for $25 cheaper WITH FREE SHIPPING! Winner winner chicken dinner! So I ordered them and a week later, this is what I got.

Not black, blue, and white like I had ordered but HIDEOUS dinosaur shoes. I took them for a test spin yesterday and though I had the regular aches and pains associated with breaking in new shoes, I love them. I look down and laugh at how ridiculous my giant feet look in these bright shoes but at this point, I don’t care. I am now the girl with the dragon shoes and I am wearing them like a badge of honor. It’s a nice reminder that I am too dramatic for my own good. So if you see a girl snapping selfies and running the Brooklyn Bridge in some strikingly bight dragon like trainers, wave, hoot and holler, because that’s me.

Until tomorrow friends, #RunSelfieRepeat.

14 Thoughts I Had On My Long Run

RACE DAY COUNTDOWN! I am 30 days from the Disneyland Half Marathon and 97 days from the TCS NYC Marathon. (With fun races scattered throughout but these are my two big ticket races for the year.) This past week and weekend were a little crazy. My weekends revolve around my long run. Take this weekend for example, trying to figure out whether to do my long run Saturday or Sunday was like Sophie's choice. Friday night my sister Samantha and I went to the Katy Perry concert. The concert didn’t end until 11-something and I didn’t get to bed until after midnight.

I was supposed to run the first of four NYC Marathon training runs held by the NYRR in Central Park. But there was absolutely no way I wanted to run 14 miles on 4 hours of sleep . I pondered doing my long run on Sunday but I had planned to bar hop with some friends Saturday afternoon. I don't like drinking the day before my long run so Sunday was out. So after I woke up on Saturday I threw on my gear, ate a carby breakfast, and took off for my 14 miler.

I find that anytime you run over 10 miles your mind seriously has to be in the game or you are in for a really, really, really rough run. The best runs are the ones where your mind is wandering, oblivious to the fact that your legs are feeling heavy and you still have miles to go. Saturday I had a rocking run. I pray for runs like these because a bad long run is torture. The worst. Every mile is a pain in the butt (an additional pain in your rear to the one acquired from running hours on end.)  Here’s 14 thoughts I had on a long run this weekend....

Mile 1

“What a beautiful day for a run. It’s actually kind of chilly! Yes New York, YES!”

Mile 2

“Get out of my way tourists! The Brooklyn Bridge is for running, not photographs! RUDE!”

Mile 3

“YAS! All these street lights have been green! This is my lucky day, I should buy a lotto ticket!!!”


Mile 4

“Oh hey Lady Liberty! Every time I look at the Statue of Liberty I think about Titanic and when that selfish witch Rose is on the boat after Jack dies and looks up at Lady Liberty and realized that the necklace is in her coat pocket. I hope Titanic is on Bravo today.”


Mile 5

“Oh yeah, 5 miles down. Time for a GU. OH THIS GU IS DISGUSTING! WATER! WATER! When did I buy espresso flavor? This tastes like dead dreams.”

Mile 6


 Mile 7

“Oh hey stranger, I see you're running as well. Look at us, aren’t we impressive.”

Mile 8
“Ah! That pigeon almost just flew into my face! That was awful! Oh so gross!”

Mile 9

“Central Park! I love Central Park! God Central Park is beautiful.”

Mile 10


Mile 11

“Hmm….I only have 3 miles to go…I don’t think I have to run Harlem Hill today…Yeah then I would have to run 15 miles. Hold on while I do math….6 miles plus 4 miles plus 1 mile plus 4 miles equals 25? Wait no…that’s not right…hold on what mile am I at again?”

Mile 12

“YES! Two more miles! Two more miles! 9 minutes 34 seconds? What happened to my pace?”

Mile 13

“Is it sprinkling? Oh this feels wonderful! Look at that cute dog! LOOK AT THAT DOGS OWNER!!!! HELLOOOOOO HANDSOME! Hold on while I take a selfie. DANGIT! COME BACK! COME BACK!”

Mile 14

“ONE MORE MILE! AND TO BEYONCE!? It’s like RunKeeper and Beyonce are working together! Gosh I hope Beyonce and Jay Z aren’t really getting a divorce. I will be heartbroken. But if he’s cheating on her like the rumors suggest I hope she does kick him to the left to the left…I’M DONE! THANK YOU BEYONCE! I have so much energy! I think I am going to Citi Bike back and get Chipotle down in Financial…But first, I am gonna get a chocolate milk.”

Nothing says success like a 14 miler and a 4.5 mile bike ride. Then I body slammed a burrito from Chipotle. Next weekend is 15! Now we are getting into the big girl miles! Getting very excited!

Alright friends until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.

From Justin to Kelly: Old Clothes Edition

So Justin walks into work this morning looking REAL cute. He's got on some form fitting seven jeans, a handsome blue polo, and smile the size of Mount Rushmore. I'm all, "DAMN GIRL! LOOK AT YOU!" And he of course did a runway walk and made some pouty model faces (as one does) while I clapped like a mad woman. We chatted for a while about how foxy he looks and then he said, I don't know what to do with my old pants. I'll let him update you...

"Well ya’ll, this week I only lost about half a pound. Not much at all but I just have to keep reminding myself that I am getting to the point where it's going to start coming off slower than it did when I first started. Even though I only lost a half a pound this week, I’m starting to feel great about how I look. This week I ran into people I haven’t seen in a while. All of their reactions were PRICELESS. Usually it’s something like “damn” or “you look great.” What's been really kind of strange is how some people who I have been acquaintances with suddenly want to be my friend. I don't know if it's because of how I used to look vs. how I now look, but it's made me stop and kind of think about it. 
I honestly don’t have a mirror in my room at home (crazy I know) but now I’m thinking of getting one! This week my pants were FALLING off me. It was driving me crazy. They use to be the jeans I could not fit into and now I can take them off without unbuttoning them. I look at my old jeans and then my new jeans and see a wold of a difference. I feel different in them and I feel incredible. Anyhow, this morning when Kelly and I were joking around we started thinking, what should I going to do with all these clothes I have that don’t fit anymore. So Kelly was like, I will track down some options. I can't wait to see what she's come up with."

ALRIGHT. I've scoured the internet and my brain for awesome ways to reuse your old clothes. So without further ado, here are  18 things to do when you grow out of your clothing.

1. Donate or Sell Your Clothes

Because it makes sense, it's the right thing to do, and you would be amazed what people buy on ebay...

2. Make some new clothes!

Grab some belts and BOOM! New clothes! (I mean, if it's good enough for a Princess...)

3. Make a Bow Tie

Who doesn't love a good ol' fashioned dickie bow? Your girlfriend or manfriend will be like "OH WOW LOOK HOW FANCY!"

4. Make a Quilt


Bonus points if you do it of my face.

5. Make Sacks for Sack Races

Potatoe sack races

Healthy competition, and who doesn't love a potato sack race?

6. Make a Jump Rope!

jump rope.gif

I hear jumping rope is an excellent form of exercise!

7. Make a Rag Rug

I mean does that rug look chic or what?

8. Make a Summer Scarf!

What an impressive summer scarf.

9. Make a Parachute


Because this is the funnest game in all the land.

10. Make a Sail for a Sail Boat


I know one of my favorite games to play is Life of Pi...

And don't think I didn't forget about all those pairs of jeans you no longer need!

11. You Can Make This Hang-y Thing For All The Stuff You Need Hung

hanging thing

Finally you can put your phone in your back pocket and not have to worry about sitting on it!

12. A Futon Cover With Matching Pillows

couch cover

Perfect for any home...

13. An Entire Couch! You Can Literally Sit and Think About the Weight You've Lost!

denim couch

Brownie points if it's a designer jeans couch. Luxury. It's an investment really.

14. An Ottoman to Match Your Couch


Rest your feet on that.

15. This Beautiful Piece of Clothing.

holy cow

"Is that Prada?" "No, but it is one of a kind."

16. The Best Halloween Costume Ever.

jt and b spears.jpg

No trick here but a serious treat.

17. An Outfit For Your Child

Baby Outfit

Actually adorable...

OR just do what you really want to do,



Have a bonfire. Make it a party. Because who doesn't love a good bonfire?

Now get out there and go buy yourselves some new clothes!


You've worked hard and you deserve it.

treat yo self

Alright friends, anyone running this weekend? I am doing my first NYRR training run for the NYC MARATHON tomorrow in Central Park. 14 miles of pure fun! Can you believe the marathon is less than 100 days away?!?!?!? If you're out this weekend, grab a running selfie and send it to me! Use the hashtag #RunSelfieRepeat on Twitter or Instagram or email me at

Happy Friday kitties! Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.

The Worl'ds Largest Gummy Bear Challenge

Gather round friends while I tell you a love story. It's the story between a lady and her better half, someone who was always there for her and who is, shockingly, no more...

It was a crsip June 18th when a box arrived on my desk at work. I thought to myself, "I don't remember buying anything curious." I proceeded to open said parcel only to find one of the most miraculous sights I have ever seen. Grander than the Grand Canyon, brighter than Fourth of July Fireworks, and even sweeter than leftover Halloween Candy. My boyfriend had sent me The World's Largest Gummy Bear.  What is the World's Largest Gummy Bear? THIS is the World's Largest Gummy Bear.

Me and Boris, It was love at first lick.

Me and Boris, It was love at first lick.

I knew this was going to be one of the greatest challenges of my 24 year old life. I've run a marathon, I've graduated college, I've moved across the country to New York but completing the World's Largest Gummy Bear Challenge was my destiny. And so it began, my tête-à-tête with Boris, my 10 inch tall 5 pound gummy bear lover. Boris is the equivalent of 1,400 regular sized gummy bears  and contains 51 servings. I knew my time with Boris was limited, so I wanted to capture our moments together for all of you. Enjoy.

It was touch and go towards the end, drunk on love as Beyonce says, but I savored every moment we had together. I've read about great summer loves before but ours is like none other. It seems like just an hour ago that he was here. I will miss Boris forever but I know he will forever live on in my ass and on my thighs.

Yeah just kidding. Oh man, that was disgusting. I NEVER want to do that again. After the first week I was ready to throw that handsome gummy bear away, but I knew Boris needed me more than I needed him. I'm pretty sure my life will never be the same. And despite what you may assume, I still could go for a bag of haribo gummy bears. Just not the sugarless kind.

Alright friends, until tomorrow #RunSelfieRepeat